Our Origin Story

Hey there, gamer. My name is Bashar, and my first EVER gaming PC was a laptop. And no, it didn’t even have a dedicated GPU!

Since then, I’ve owned several other laptops, have experimented with different hardware peripherals, tweaked and optimized my systems to work their best, and have basically been spoiling myself with my PC gaming quality of life in recent years.

Whether you’re thinking of getting one, or have been using them exclusively for years like me, gaming laptops are badass. Sure, there have been ups and downs in the industry in the last 5-10 years but the dream is becoming more and more relevant every day.

But why do we need a website just about laptops?

Great question, me!

Well, because while they may function similar to a regular old desktop PC, laptops have different needs and encounter different challenges.

-What’s the best way to keep my laptop cool?
-How do I know I’m utilizing the full potential of my GPU?
-How can I reduce CPU bottlenecking to run my games at higher framerates?
-How do I know this monitor is going to function correctly with my laptop?

and, of course..

I’ve asked those questions myself years and years ago, and now I’m going to dedicate this website to sharing my experience so that you, too, can get the absolute most from your shiny PC that can (probably) fit in your backpack.

The Goal

Creating a place where every piece of content, article, or video created is going to be relevant to YOU, the laptop user! Not for consoles, mobile, or even desktop PCs. Everything we talk about can be done in a moment’s notice wherever there’s a power outlet.

That being said, we love video games! So we will also be writing different stories and maybe the occasional game review. All written with Laptop gaming in mind.

For any questions or if you just want to contact me, the creator of GamingOnLap.com, please Email me at bashar@gamingonlap.com.

Lets get it, gamers.


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